Feb 6, 2015

♦ new site on this blog about art ♦

Heeeeeyyy there, 

I will make a few new things for this blog. 

Maybe many short videos about my korea trip in august 2014. I think I will have time for that now. 

Because I'm waiting for an operation on my back...and yeah I'm only 24 years old  :D It's a big operation so I'm really nervous but the good thing I have now time to work on my blog and art again. 

Please support meeeee :D 

I hope you will like the new site about my art thingies too. :D

And there is something I wanna ask for... I have so many visiters a day. Why are you never follow me? Is it not interesting enough or is there an other reason for that? Please tell me in the comments :) I really want to know that :D 

love you all guys ❤

sleep well and stay tuned 

♦ Me ♦