Sep 2, 2014

♦ Han's deli ♦

In Insadong there is a really nice restaurant... "Han's Deli"
you can eat there foreign dishes, e.g. "Schnitzel"-like things :D korean Schnitzel variations hahaha. And really nice waiters are there, too ;D

I ate something called Schnitzel (donkatsu) and cheese with rice, pommes frites, salat, kimchi sidedish and cucumber salat sidedish and fruit salad... really crazy combination of everything to put it simply. hahaha. :D And it was very delicious :)

My friend, she picked the gratin with rice, cream, cheese and bacon inside. She said it was delicious, too :)

Foreign Food korean art haha. :D 

And dont forget the really friendly and kind waiters ;)

♦ Me ♦

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