Sep 2, 2014

♦ Myeongdong ♦

hey, now a little post about Myeongdong. 
One of my favorite areas in Seoul. 

The best shopping area at night woop woop :D

There are so many lights that you dont know if its nighttime or day. hahaha.

Etude House, Nature Republic, the Saem, Shara Shara, Missha or the face shop.... you will find every beautyshop there :D So beautiful ;) haha

And the street food is very delicious and low priced :) 
I really miss these food stands in Germany :'( And the people are so nice, friendly and kind. They are so interested in me as a foreigner it was everytime funny to go out. So many people will try to speak to you when you look foreign. :D

Tiny little stands will catch your eyes on the streets everywhere in myeongdong <3 

I really like Myeongdong 

♦ Me ♦

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