Sep 3, 2014

♦ Fan Stuff ♦

You like K-Pop? You have a bia? 
you dont live in South Korea? 
Then you know how expensiv and hard it is to get merchandise stuff !! 

  So the only thing you have to do is....                                     
                                             .... travel to seoul and get all those things muuuch cheaper >_< 

In Myeongdong is your paradise if you want to buy things about k-pop idols. There are so many stands and shops where you can find everything with the face of your idol on it. Watches, wrappers, vanity bags, deck of cards, pillows, mobile phone cases, fans, fluffy toys, bracelets, wristbands, clothes....hahaha ALL you can find EVERYTHING with korean idols!!! 
Really Crazy :D

In the subway station myeongdong it begins with the first shop underground. haha. 

Have fun there :D and buy a lot ot stuff for less then 20000 won. Many things costs around 2000 won. I think only the CDs and DVD and those things are same price with foreign prices, maybe a little cheaper :D

♦ Me ♦

Ask me if you want to have more locations of merchandise shops :)

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