Sep 2, 2014

♦ Flight to korea ♦

Oh my god... it was such a long flight, around 11 hours. 
From Frankfurt Airport to Incheon Airport. The first hour in the airplain wasn't that boring, 
because I got the first meal after 45 minutes hahaha. 

After eating my Bibimbap, all the lights were turned off. 
Sleeping time for most of the passengers haha but not for me. 
I cannot sleep when I know that I'm on the way to Seoul... :(

So I watched one or two movies... and heard music...and from time to time I tried to sleep but I couldn't...
The time didn't want to pass haha.

I was really happy when the sleeping time was over and we got the second meal. haha. ...after that the airplain started its final descent.

I was in korea at the Incheon Airport finally haha

♦ Me ♦

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