Sep 2, 2014

♦ Insadong ♦

This area is really cool :) 

You can buy many traditional things :D
 like this:

Its really beautiful there <3 Its one of my favorite areas in Seoul to hang out.

I was three times there and there was a violinist. 
He is very talented :D 
Here is a picture of him. I made a video too. 
I will post the video in a few days ;)

It was great to sit there and hear his music. Many people stood there, made videos and enjoyed his violine play.

After that I was in a Café near that place.

 This café is so nice and have a very cute furnishing with many adorable features like the Light-Tree.
I drank a iced green tea without sugar. really nice drink :)
The waiters here are nice and kind like in every café I'd been in Seoul.

Visit Insadong! <3

♦ Me ♦

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