Sep 2, 2014

♦ About my hotel ♦

I stayed the 3 weeks at the Limestay hotel in Sinseoldong in Jongno-gu.
It is a low priced hotel. Is not luxury and there is nothing much to do :D 

But I liked it that I had my own bathroom in my room. Often you havn't an own bathroom in this price range. 

The employees are really really friendly and you always get a nice bride smile when you walk in :)

Buuuut..... the room wasn't clean and the mattress was horrible and saggy :( 
So I cleaned the whole bathroom with one bottle of disinfectants... after cleaning it was ok for this price. But I think they have to improve their cleanliness...

Something really good: Every room have an aircondition!!!! You need this in summer!!!! :D

The subway station isnt far away that was really good for me because I always used the subway. 
Its very fast and cheap. :D In Germany  is much more expensive!!  

But more about the subway in an other post :)

have a good day 

♦ Me ♦

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