Sep 3, 2014

♦ BBQ Chicken ♦

There is a really nice restaurant in Sinseoldong. 
Its a BBQ Restaurant that serves delicious chicken dishes :D   

hmmmmm so delicious hahaha

The Restaurant is (translated) called "korean BBQ". And located is it directly at the sinseouldong subway station. You can see it if you take Exit 11.
The owner are very sociable :) This is a family restaurant. 

My friend made this photo :D Drinking soju while eating delicious 
chicken is a lot more enjoyable. hahaha. :D

Everyday I had to pass this restaurant to go to the subway :) The owner waved everytime when they saw me <3 *those little things made me so happy everyday in Korea*

I miss them really much :(

Go there if you like Chicken hahaha :D

♦ Me ♦

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