Sep 7, 2014

♦ Tteokbokki ♦

One of my other favorite dishes is Tteokbokki 

Its delicious and spicy and hot and everything is inside hahaha 

Ricecakes, noodles, egg, fried mandoos, ramyeon noodles, fishcake... there can be all inside when you get it in a restaurant :D Its a well known street food too. 

Anyways everywhere you would get it its always hot spicy and soooo delicious

Here some pics of restaurant Tteokbokki: 

Soooooo hoooooot and yummi :D 
I want to have it now but I'M back in germany.... *cry like a baby* 

And here the streetfood stand:
"Nice people and nice food"

So try Tteokbokki if you like spicy hot food :D

♦ Me ♦

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