Sep 6, 2014

♦ DogCafé Bauhouse ♦

You like Dogs?? And you like really delicious Oreo Milkshakes??

Then go to the Dogcafé in Hongdae

 In that Café the dogs run free and you can play with them or feed them with dogfood (you can buy it there). It was a new experience and I thought that the dogs are maybe unhappy to live there but they jumped and played around in the Café and the waiter are very nice to the dogs.

 Hahaha this little dog came from behind to steal dogfood from my table hahahaha :D

 You dont have to pay for the entry but you have to drink one drink...the drinks costs around 6000 to 8000 Won. I think this price is ok. For the dogfood you have to pay around 3500 Won. 
Its a nice experience and I saw many couples there ;)
 The dogs played together :)

 This guy starred at me all the time hahaha because he knows that there was more dogfood in my pocket haha. 

The Café is very nice and there are kind and friendly waiters, which play with the dogs and they take care of all dogs. 

If you have any questions about directions you can ask me :)

have a good day 

♦ Me ♦ 

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