Sep 11, 2014

♦ YG Building ♦

21.08.2014 I went to the YG Building
 no ad for Co** Cola !! Hahahaha :D
 In frint of the building many fans sign here or draw something fo their idols♥

Me and my friend only wanted to make a photo in front of the building and then go back to myeongdong for shopping, but when we where there something special happend to us hahaha
 Minzy from "2NE1" came out of the building and "Winner" the new YG Band came out too. I took photos and made videos about that, so here you can see Minzy in the first Video and in the second you will see the boys of the Group "Winner" (skip to 0:30)

After that I asked the employer if GD and TOP are inside but he said no...haha but propably he lied to me, so we wanted to stay there a little longer....
After an hour of waiting... it got boring so we go back to our hotel to eat self cooked korean delicious meal hahaha

But we are really happy that we were able to see Minzy and the boys from the group Winner

have a good evening ♥

♦ Me ♦

♦ Hongdae Mustoy ♦

Mustoy is a Café where you can create your own little character on a ceramic doll :)
So cute and not expensiv at all :D

you can choose a doll.... there are e.g. dolls that looks like someone with little catears on or you can have a doll what is able to hold a pen. Boy or Girl....and so on....

After you choose a form, You will get marker in every color and with that markers you can draw on your ceramic doll. 
I took a normal boy doll and made my own little G Dragon hahaha

It costs around 15000Won and you get free drinks in that mustoy store on hongdae. I took a Icetea that was really refreshing and the employees were really nice and kind.
Visit this Café and have fun making your own character


Sep 10, 2014

I'm so sorry

I didnt have the time to write the last 2 days 
but tomorrow I will try to make new posts :) 
I hope you have a good time

many hugs 

♦.Me ♦

Sep 7, 2014

♦ Good Night ♦

I wish you all guys a good night and sweet dreams :) ♥ 

tomorrow I will make a post about some really special café for art fans in Hongdae, a post about the Seoul N Tower and one of the Ice Museum :)


♦ Me ♦

♦ Tteokbokki ♦

One of my other favorite dishes is Tteokbokki 

Its delicious and spicy and hot and everything is inside hahaha 

Ricecakes, noodles, egg, fried mandoos, ramyeon noodles, fishcake... there can be all inside when you get it in a restaurant :D Its a well known street food too. 

Anyways everywhere you would get it its always hot spicy and soooo delicious

Here some pics of restaurant Tteokbokki: 

Soooooo hoooooot and yummi :D 
I want to have it now but I'M back in germany.... *cry like a baby* 

And here the streetfood stand:
"Nice people and nice food"

So try Tteokbokki if you like spicy hot food :D

♦ Me ♦

♦ 32cm Icecream ♦

In Myeongdong you can get Soft Ice whats 32cm high :D

Its delicious, crazy and pervert hahahaha. When you eat the Ice it looks really....hmmm... I dont know how to say that hahaha.....anyways here is a picture of this big Soft Ice haha..
I had the chocolate Vanilla one and my friend had the greentee vanilla one.
Both are very big and delicious hahaha

But its embaressing to eat it :D

♥ But delicisouuuuuussss and soooooooo muchhhhhh Ice ♥

There are many stands where you can get it in myeongdong and all costs around 3000won 

have a nice day 

♦ Me ♦

Sep 6, 2014

♦ Bapuri Kimbap ♦

The best special kimbap place is the Bapuri Kimbap :D

The kimbap here is very special. E.g. Schnitzel kimbap and Dopple Cheese Kimbap, like the ones you see in the following photos :)

 This place is in Hongdae :) 

have a nice day 

♦ Me ♦

♦ DogCafé Bauhouse ♦

You like Dogs?? And you like really delicious Oreo Milkshakes??

Then go to the Dogcafé in Hongdae

 In that Café the dogs run free and you can play with them or feed them with dogfood (you can buy it there). It was a new experience and I thought that the dogs are maybe unhappy to live there but they jumped and played around in the Café and the waiter are very nice to the dogs.

 Hahaha this little dog came from behind to steal dogfood from my table hahahaha :D

 You dont have to pay for the entry but you have to drink one drink...the drinks costs around 6000 to 8000 Won. I think this price is ok. For the dogfood you have to pay around 3500 Won. 
Its a nice experience and I saw many couples there ;)
 The dogs played together :)

 This guy starred at me all the time hahaha because he knows that there was more dogfood in my pocket haha. 

The Café is very nice and there are kind and friendly waiters, which play with the dogs and they take care of all dogs. 

If you have any questions about directions you can ask me :)

have a good day 

♦ Me ♦ 

♦ YG Family Concert new Videos ♦

Big BAng singing Ilove you <3 hahaha this was the best song haha :D

And GDragons Birthday Song :)

have a nice day :)

♦ Me ♦

♦ YG Family Concert 2014 new Videos ♦

CL of 2NE1 very hot!!!! haha. 

Big Bang~ Fantastic Baby!!! Wuhuuuuuu :D

And Big Bang ~Haru Haru

Sep 5, 2014

♦ YG Family Concert in Seoul ♦

AIA Real Life NOW Festival in Seoul.
The weather was so nice and all the people around me were sooooo friendly haha 
This is the Olympic Stadium in Seoul<3 
 I came in and saw a lot of people OH MY GOD sooooo many people were there hours bevor the YG Family concert started :O hahaha. I tried to get a good standing place in the near of the stage :D But I wasn't able to get near to it, but I could see everything well :)

The first hour of the concert I wasn't able to make photos or videos because all the people were so exited and pushed and shoved :D hahaha that was not so nice because it was so hot and the people stood so close to each other :P Not nice haha but after Big Bang went on stage everything was fine to me because
 Here Top:



All the artist were sooooo good but i focused on BigBang... I didn't make so much photos and videos but here I will share what I have with you. Please dont steal anything ~(>_<)~
And big thanks to all the artists like LeeHi, Winner, 2NE1, Epic High, Psy, Big Bang... it was a nice Evening in korea!! :)

 (This is not my photo)

Ok and here you can find a short video <3

In the next days I will upload more videos ;)

have a good night

♦ Me ♦

♦ Shabu Shabu ♦

One of my very favorite Food of Korea is the korean Shabu Shabu!! 
Its very delicious!!!! I recommended this dish :D 

Ok and here it is...

Wait for all the Ingredience...

When you got everything, you can start to cook your own delicious broth. 
I put the half of the vegetables first inside.... I cooked my meat while holding it in the broth with my chopsticks and eat it right away with the three dips i got. The meat is very thin so it cooked fast in this hot boiling broth.

After I ate the meat and vegetables, I put the noodles I got inside the broth and let it cook. The broth is so (sorry) fucking delicious after you cooked all the meat and vegetables in it <3 It amazing. When the noodles were cooked I ate them with a little bit of the broth-sauce <3 

You think now its finished??? NOOOOOOO hahahaha
After that you have a little bit of broth inside your pot. Now you get rice with an egg and put into the last little bit of the broth and fry the rice .... hmmmmm so delicious :D

Ok after that you are sooooo stuffed with food and this is the end of this dish hahaha :D

You can find in Myeongdong and Hongdae so many Shabu Shabu places, and its not expensive... for 1 Person about 8.000Won. For the whole meal!!
And its really one of my top favorite dishes I ate. <3 
So eat well :D

have a nice day 

♦ Me ♦ 

Sep 4, 2014

Today I havent much time to write sorry :(

Today I wont have time to write about the yg family concert, 
I'm soooo sorry :'(
but tomorrow I'll make a big post about it :)

♦ Eatyourkimchi Café ♦

This Café is really cute and the Milkshakes are the BEST :D 
Try the Mango and Orea Shake. haha. 


"You are here"- Café in Seouls Hongdae

  The House looks really nice outside :)

And there is a cool eatyourkimchi art on the wall :) who draw this???? :O haha
Inside it is like having a tea with the mad hatter!!!!!! hahhahaha. The furnishing is so crazy mixed haha. take a look its like the furnishing of the mad hatters tea party in Alice in Wonderland :D Even the lamps are different :D This is the first floor:

But first when you'll go in there, you will see this:

My favorite Milkshake is everytime the Oreo one. And at the you are here Café I got the best Oreo Ice Milk Shaky Thingy evvvvaaaaaaa ~(>_<)~  It was soooooo delicious grrrrrr uuhhhhhhh The Prices are ok. Its not more expensiv than other cafès in Hongdae :)

I really wanted to see spudgy..... and the eatyourkimchi crew :D hahaha. and wuhuuuuuuu 
SooZee walked in…
And after I finished my milkshake..... me and my friend wanted a photoooo with her soooooo much...soooo I asked her if she would take a photo with us.....
uhhhh she is soooooo nice!!!! I really like her >_< 

She said that she like our hair... my friend have turquoise Underhair and I have pink hair <3 she said she liked it and she asked us about our names. She'll try to memorize our names :D hahaha 
The whole crew will come to germany this year and she said she will recognize us when we three see us again :D 
She is really a  sweet person. It felt like make a new friend :) I'm thankful for the time she took for speaking to us :)

So if you read this Soozee.... Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu <3 See you soon again!!!! Be healthy!!! 

It was a nice time at this café, so if you are in hongdae you have to visit it ;) 
here you'll find a video with instructions on how to go there, its from eatyourkimchi ;) Martina show you how to go there <3

I followed this video and get there very fast :) Soooo special thanks to the Eatyourkimchi Crew and a big hug for all the Nasties out there <3 

Sep 3, 2014

♦ Please >_< ♦

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Tomorrow I will write about the "You are here Café" from Eatyourkimchi 
and maybe about the YG Family Concert in Seoul 
with videos and pictures  <- I was there :D 

have a good night :)

♦ Me ♦

♦ Fan Stuff ♦

You like K-Pop? You have a bia? 
you dont live in South Korea? 
Then you know how expensiv and hard it is to get merchandise stuff !! 

  So the only thing you have to do is....                                     
                                             .... travel to seoul and get all those things muuuch cheaper >_< 

In Myeongdong is your paradise if you want to buy things about k-pop idols. There are so many stands and shops where you can find everything with the face of your idol on it. Watches, wrappers, vanity bags, deck of cards, pillows, mobile phone cases, fans, fluffy toys, bracelets, wristbands, clothes....hahaha ALL you can find EVERYTHING with korean idols!!! 
Really Crazy :D

In the subway station myeongdong it begins with the first shop underground. haha. 

Have fun there :D and buy a lot ot stuff for less then 20000 won. Many things costs around 2000 won. I think only the CDs and DVD and those things are same price with foreign prices, maybe a little cheaper :D

♦ Me ♦

Ask me if you want to have more locations of merchandise shops :)

♦ Mobile Phone in Seoul ♦

I cannot talk about other mobile phones 
but me and my friend have different Apple IPhones and it was really easy
 to get a korean phone number for this three weeks. :)

So what do you have to do... 

You have to have a free mobile phone 

You have to buy a Prepaid SIM Card in a "GS25 Market" in Seoul. 
"GS25" Market are everywhere in Seoul...Its a very famous supermarket-chain in South Korea. 
But I warmly recommended to go straight to the GS25 at Incheon Airport or Seoul Station
They will sell those Prepaid SIM cards. I bought mine at the market in Seoul Station. 
You can ask the grocery clerk for this SIM cards and show them your phone..they will 
know which prepaid card will be compatible with your phone :)
 So very easy! right? ;) 

After that... change cards and follow the instructions which you'll get with the card. :) 

My provider in Korea was "Olleh", :D And i was deeply contented with it :)

Hope that was helpful for you ;) 

♦ Me ♦

♦ BBQ Chicken ♦

There is a really nice restaurant in Sinseoldong. 
Its a BBQ Restaurant that serves delicious chicken dishes :D   

hmmmmm so delicious hahaha

The Restaurant is (translated) called "korean BBQ". And located is it directly at the sinseouldong subway station. You can see it if you take Exit 11.
The owner are very sociable :) This is a family restaurant. 

My friend made this photo :D Drinking soju while eating delicious 
chicken is a lot more enjoyable. hahaha. :D

Everyday I had to pass this restaurant to go to the subway :) The owner waved everytime when they saw me <3 *those little things made me so happy everyday in Korea*

I miss them really much :(

Go there if you like Chicken hahaha :D

♦ Me ♦

♦ Good morning ♦

Good Morning ♥

In the next 8 hours I will write posts about:

Café: the Eatyourkimchi  "You are here Café"

Food: BBQ Chicken Restaurant in Sinseoldong

KPop: Fanstuff in Myeongdong

How-to: Use your mobile phone in Korea 

have a good day and follow me :D 

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