Sep 5, 2014

♦ Shabu Shabu ♦

One of my very favorite Food of Korea is the korean Shabu Shabu!! 
Its very delicious!!!! I recommended this dish :D 

Ok and here it is...

Wait for all the Ingredience...

When you got everything, you can start to cook your own delicious broth. 
I put the half of the vegetables first inside.... I cooked my meat while holding it in the broth with my chopsticks and eat it right away with the three dips i got. The meat is very thin so it cooked fast in this hot boiling broth.

After I ate the meat and vegetables, I put the noodles I got inside the broth and let it cook. The broth is so (sorry) fucking delicious after you cooked all the meat and vegetables in it <3 It amazing. When the noodles were cooked I ate them with a little bit of the broth-sauce <3 

You think now its finished??? NOOOOOOO hahahaha
After that you have a little bit of broth inside your pot. Now you get rice with an egg and put into the last little bit of the broth and fry the rice .... hmmmmm so delicious :D

Ok after that you are sooooo stuffed with food and this is the end of this dish hahaha :D

You can find in Myeongdong and Hongdae so many Shabu Shabu places, and its not expensive... for 1 Person about 8.000Won. For the whole meal!!
And its really one of my top favorite dishes I ate. <3 
So eat well :D

have a nice day 

♦ Me ♦ 

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