Sep 7, 2014

♦ 32cm Icecream ♦

In Myeongdong you can get Soft Ice whats 32cm high :D

Its delicious, crazy and pervert hahahaha. When you eat the Ice it looks really....hmmm... I dont know how to say that hahaha.....anyways here is a picture of this big Soft Ice haha..
I had the chocolate Vanilla one and my friend had the greentee vanilla one.
Both are very big and delicious hahaha

But its embaressing to eat it :D

♥ But delicisouuuuuussss and soooooooo muchhhhhh Ice ♥

There are many stands where you can get it in myeongdong and all costs around 3000won 

have a nice day 

♦ Me ♦

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