Sep 5, 2014

♦ YG Family Concert in Seoul ♦

AIA Real Life NOW Festival in Seoul.
The weather was so nice and all the people around me were sooooo friendly haha 
This is the Olympic Stadium in Seoul<3 
 I came in and saw a lot of people OH MY GOD sooooo many people were there hours bevor the YG Family concert started :O hahaha. I tried to get a good standing place in the near of the stage :D But I wasn't able to get near to it, but I could see everything well :)

The first hour of the concert I wasn't able to make photos or videos because all the people were so exited and pushed and shoved :D hahaha that was not so nice because it was so hot and the people stood so close to each other :P Not nice haha but after Big Bang went on stage everything was fine to me because
 Here Top:



All the artist were sooooo good but i focused on BigBang... I didn't make so much photos and videos but here I will share what I have with you. Please dont steal anything ~(>_<)~
And big thanks to all the artists like LeeHi, Winner, 2NE1, Epic High, Psy, Big Bang... it was a nice Evening in korea!! :)

 (This is not my photo)

Ok and here you can find a short video <3

In the next days I will upload more videos ;)

have a good night

♦ Me ♦

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