Sep 4, 2014

♦ Eatyourkimchi Café ♦

This Café is really cute and the Milkshakes are the BEST :D 
Try the Mango and Orea Shake. haha. 


"You are here"- Café in Seouls Hongdae

  The House looks really nice outside :)

And there is a cool eatyourkimchi art on the wall :) who draw this???? :O haha
Inside it is like having a tea with the mad hatter!!!!!! hahhahaha. The furnishing is so crazy mixed haha. take a look its like the furnishing of the mad hatters tea party in Alice in Wonderland :D Even the lamps are different :D This is the first floor:

But first when you'll go in there, you will see this:

My favorite Milkshake is everytime the Oreo one. And at the you are here Café I got the best Oreo Ice Milk Shaky Thingy evvvvaaaaaaa ~(>_<)~  It was soooooo delicious grrrrrr uuhhhhhhh The Prices are ok. Its not more expensiv than other cafès in Hongdae :)

I really wanted to see spudgy..... and the eatyourkimchi crew :D hahaha. and wuhuuuuuuu 
SooZee walked in…
And after I finished my milkshake..... me and my friend wanted a photoooo with her soooooo much...soooo I asked her if she would take a photo with us.....
uhhhh she is soooooo nice!!!! I really like her >_< 

She said that she like our hair... my friend have turquoise Underhair and I have pink hair <3 she said she liked it and she asked us about our names. She'll try to memorize our names :D hahaha 
The whole crew will come to germany this year and she said she will recognize us when we three see us again :D 
She is really a  sweet person. It felt like make a new friend :) I'm thankful for the time she took for speaking to us :)

So if you read this Soozee.... Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu <3 See you soon again!!!! Be healthy!!! 

It was a nice time at this café, so if you are in hongdae you have to visit it ;) 
here you'll find a video with instructions on how to go there, its from eatyourkimchi ;) Martina show you how to go there <3

I followed this video and get there very fast :) Soooo special thanks to the Eatyourkimchi Crew and a big hug for all the Nasties out there <3 

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