Sep 11, 2014

♦ YG Building ♦

21.08.2014 I went to the YG Building
 no ad for Co** Cola !! Hahahaha :D
 In frint of the building many fans sign here or draw something fo their idols♥

Me and my friend only wanted to make a photo in front of the building and then go back to myeongdong for shopping, but when we where there something special happend to us hahaha
 Minzy from "2NE1" came out of the building and "Winner" the new YG Band came out too. I took photos and made videos about that, so here you can see Minzy in the first Video and in the second you will see the boys of the Group "Winner" (skip to 0:30)

After that I asked the employer if GD and TOP are inside but he said no...haha but propably he lied to me, so we wanted to stay there a little longer....
After an hour of waiting... it got boring so we go back to our hotel to eat self cooked korean delicious meal hahaha

But we are really happy that we were able to see Minzy and the boys from the group Winner

have a good evening ♥

♦ Me ♦

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