Sep 2, 2014

♦ Airport Railroad Express Train ♦

After arriving the Incheon airport, I changed my european money in Won.
 It was nothing special I gave the woman on the "Money Exchange"- counter my Euro 
and she gave me my money in won back. 

Very easy :)

Then I went to the Express Railroad Train, its at the airport. It stops direktly at "seoul station" after 43 minutes :) 

At "seoul station" I went to the subway station. You have to leave the Seoul Station Building, follow the "metro"-signs. Like in Rome the subway is called "metro". There is Line 1 (dark blue line) and the line 4 (blue line). In Seoul the subway system is very very good and all the lines have colors, like line one is the dark blue line.

I took the line 1 and get off at  "sinseoldong station". In the near is my hotel. It is called "Limestay". Its very cheap. And not luxury at all :D But more information about the hotel next post :)

♦ Me ♦

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