Sep 11, 2014

♦ Hongdae Mustoy ♦

Mustoy is a Café where you can create your own little character on a ceramic doll :)
So cute and not expensiv at all :D

you can choose a doll.... there are e.g. dolls that looks like someone with little catears on or you can have a doll what is able to hold a pen. Boy or Girl....and so on....

After you choose a form, You will get marker in every color and with that markers you can draw on your ceramic doll. 
I took a normal boy doll and made my own little G Dragon hahaha

It costs around 15000Won and you get free drinks in that mustoy store on hongdae. I took a Icetea that was really refreshing and the employees were really nice and kind.
Visit this Café and have fun making your own character


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